Individualized Premium Natural Healthcare

At Essential Medicine, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch personalized natural health care to our community. We honor the unique individuality of each patient and treat every person that walks through our door as though they are a member of our own family. We believe in the body’s own innate ability to heal through natural, non-invasive therapies and nurturing touch.

Essential Medicine’s 7 Pillars of Care


Compassion toward our patients is the cornerstone of everything we do. At Essential Medicine, you will find loving kindness and non-judgement in every aspect of care. We truly want our patients to get better. We understand how much of a challenge life can be when you don’t feel your best and we have genuine desire for our patients to live vibrant, healthy, happy lives.


At Essential Medicine we never stop learning and refining our therapies, techniques, and clinical knowledge. We believe in the integration of time-honored traditional medicine with modern evidence based biomedical research. We strive to share this hard earned knowledge with our patients and our greater community.


Patient education is a core part of what we do at Essential Medicine. The word “doctor” comes from the latin word doceo which means “I teach.” We truly enjoy it when our patients ask us questions and love taking time to answering them. We also know that our patients are teachers too, with so much valuable and important knowledge to share.


We strive to the utmost excellence of patient care. We go above and beyond industry standards, and exceed patient expectations. Excellence is in the details at Essential Medicine. We are always thinking about the little things that can improve the lives of our patients.


At Essential Medicine we deeply believe in the hyprocratic oath and the utmost goal of, primum non nocere, “first do no harm.”  The treatments and medicinals we offer are time- tested to be safe, gentle, non-invasive, with little to no side effects.


At Essential Medicine we believe in the power of community. We are all in this together and our differences are so greatly overwhelmed by what we share in common. We aspire to be an exemplary citizen, a leader in conscious environmental practices, and a beacon of inspiration in the field of national medicine.


Essential medicine is committed to consistent growth and expansion to achieve our vision of patient and community wellbeing. We are constantly working toward innovative development, infrastructure improvement, scholarly study, and refinement of clinical therapeutic techniques.