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“Dr. Chris is amazing! I just received an incredible treatment from him. My neck and shoulders have been in pain the past month and I left his office pain free and stress free. I look forward to going back and receiving his highly qualified care.”

C.Yoga Therapist

“Hi Dr. Chris! I Just wanted you to hear how amazing I’ve been feeling since your treatment. The best I’ve felt in a really long time. The food is working out and it’s the pest period I’ve had in over a year. Thank you so much for everything!!! You rule.”

A.Marketing Executive

“Lana is a very intentional and qualified practitioner!  She helped relieve my chronic back pain and provided me with helpful stretches and advice to prevent further pain/ injury.  I can’t wait for my next treatment :)”


“I first visited Essential Medicine hoping for relief from chronic pain and tingling on my left side due to an impinged nerve in my cervical spine. I had tried other forms of treatment with varying results. After my first session with Dr. Phillippi, my pain was cut by more than half which allowed my sleep to return to normal. After a few more sessions, Dr. Phillippi became intimately familiar with the cause of the pain and how to most effectively treat it. Not only did he successfully treat the symptoms and the cause, he also educated me on exactly what was happening, what had likely caused it, how to recover rapidly and effectively, and how to help prevent it from occurring again. Dr. Phillippi is incredibly knowledgeable about diet and lifestyle and gave me valuable insight on what foods might agree with my needs as well as exercises and stretches to do on my own. I am confident that I am in good hands when I am being treated at his office and always feel immediate and lasting results. Dr. Phillippi is a true healer. Highly recommended.”


“Dr. Phillippi, I wanted to thank you for the treatment you have done for me. I have had remarkable response to it and am feeling better both physically and mentally. I am responding well to the herbal tea and have not had any coffee this week. I really appreciate everything you have done thus far and will certainly be recommending you to others.”


“I have been a happy recipient of Lana’s healing touch and look forward to seeing her again for more bodywork. As a professional dancer and performer, I seek massage therapists who practice sports medicine and understand sports injuries. I feel connected to Lana on so many levels and the most obvious being that we both go hard on our bodies through yoga, dance, gymnastics, and outdoor play. I have recommended her to many of my embodied friends and will continue to do so. I love how she integrates the transpersonal component to bodywork.”

M.Professional Dancer

“Dr. Chris is essential medicine! I’ve had acupuncture treatments by this kind, sensitive, and extremely knowledgeable professional. I’m in my late 50’s and athletic….I have my “weak spots” . He found them all , and not only did I find the treatment extremely relaxing, I felt rejuvenated afterwards! He is truly gifted!!”

J.Gym Manager

“Dr. Chris performed acupuncture on me prior to hip surgery. His treatment was very effective and he is very caring. I’m 80 years old and would highly reccomend this type of treatment!”

R.Retired Real Estate Agent

“I have been receiving body work from Lana for over a year now.  She is honestly the best I have ever been to!!!! She evaluates your health holistically and offers advice in all  aspects of healing.  She is wonderful and I feel blessed to have found her!!!”

K.Dental Hygienist