Dr. Jools Candelaria, DACM, L.Ac

Dr. Jools Candelaria (DACM, L.Ac) is a board certified physician of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, graduating with her Doctorate from California’s Pacific College of Health & Science. She found her calling to this life path quite young, after a single acupuncture treatment changed her life at the age of 21. She has been studying the many pillars of Chinese Medicine for over 4 years with an emphasis on acupuncture for regulation of the emotional and metaphysical bodies. She also specializes in sacred womb wellness, fire cupping, and eastern dietary therapy. She truly believes that the holistic nature of the ancient medicines she works with can heal a full spectrum of physical, mental, and spiritual conditions from their root causation. 

When not working closely with patients in the clinical setting, Jools can often be found out on the land. She was educated as a Chinese herbalist, but is even more excited to work with local herbal medicine from the mountains of eastern San Diego county in California. She enjoys learning the wisdom of foraging and wildcrafting medicinals straight from the earth and aligned with the seasons’ bounty. She seeks to revolutionize modern people’s relationship to herbs by incorporating them into simple kitchen medicine recipes and emphasizing the importance of a nourishing diet for full spectrum health. 

Jools is also a passionate movement artist. She has been dancing and performing for over a decade. Classically trained dancer, registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), self-taught fire performer, and internationally accomplished aerialist…she’s on an ignited mission to curate healing expression through movement. She loves teaching and sharing this passion as well and is excited to offer Therapeutic Movement Art private lessons. These are a personalized fusion of her offered teachings (Thai Yoga Therapy + Aerial Hoop). 

Dr. Jools loves her current integrated role at Essential Medicine as practitioner of Chinese medicine, clinic coordinator, and resident jungle plant mom.