The Essential PRP Facial

How do you produce PRP?

We first draw your blood from your arm and then put it through an advanced, multi-step, centrifugation process.  Using state of the art equipment, the red blood cells are filtered out and the platelets are concentrated in the  remaining plasma. Our low g-force centrifugation method preserves the vitality of the platelets that have been shown to initiate the body’s own healing and growth factors.

How does the PRP facial work?

The PRP facial works by using your own blood to activate natural healing responses in the skin. The result is natural looking renewal of your skin and the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and discoloration. 

A More Natural Look

Our Essential PRP Facial achieves a more natural look than lasers or peels because it works on a deeper level of the skin. The Essential PRP facial procedure triggers the bodies own growth factors deep within the collagen tissue matrix. This initiates a healing cascade that rises up to the surface, while being minimally invasive on the outer surface layer of the skin. 

Treatments such as lasers and peels work by doing damage to the surface of the skin in order to get the body to put down fresh new skin growth. 

This is a problem for a number of reasons:

The deeper layers are not effectively reached, leaving the new skin growth sitting on top of relatively degraded collagen matrix. The effect isn’t as deep.

Scarification happens that turns the microscopic undulations of your skin into a flat surface. This can result in a shiny unnatural appearance.

How is the Essential PRP facial better than a Vampire Facial?

There are a number of reasons why the Essential PRP Facial is better than a “vampire” facial:

We use the most advanced PRP production methods and make the highest quality PRP. Most “Vampire” Facials are are performed with an inferior PRP blood product. This is because the methods they use, while producing the PRP quickly and easily, end up damaging many of the important blood platelets. Our process uses lower  g-forces and advanced processing techniques. This takes more time and work for us, but its worth it.

We treat the whole system. The skin is the largest organ in the body and this organ will be healthiest when you are healthiest. Our patients benefit from an array of integrative knowledge. Your body needs to have the proper building blocks and environment to most effectively lay down new collagen and tissue matrix. Most “Vampire” facial practitioners have a superficially focused treatment protocol and do little to treat the patients whole being and promote wellness.

Our PRP treatments address the facial tone and musculature as well as the underlying connective tissue matrix. We use a multitude of integrative modalities that balance the musculo-skeletal structure of not only the face, but entire head, neck, shoulders and spinal column.