Skin Rejuvenation with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial

Our premiere restorative treatment option for the skin, the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial, explained in detail.

Are you looking to put your best face forward? At Essential Medicine, Dr. Phillippi is here to help. He specializes in Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial rejuvenation treatments with microneedling and collagen induction. He has taken the infamous “Vampire facial” and raised the standards of care in order to bring you the optimal experience in skin wellness.

This modern therapy can:
~Reduce signs of aging (say good-bye to those wrinkles and age spots)
~Heal acne scarring
~Tone sagging skin
~Correct certain types of hyperpigmentation
~Stimulate the production of new collagen


How does this process work? We’ll break it down below.

The fountain of youth and luminous skin await you at the end of this 2 hour journey. The treatment will begin with a quick blood draw. The growth factors, active proteins, and stem cells in your own blood are an integral part of this treatment’s effectiveness. Dr. Phillippi is a certified Phlebotomist as well as Doctor of Acupuncture, thus all intricate steps of this treatment can be carried out by him in the comfort of our clinic.

Then the deeply relaxing phase of treatment begins. You will receive acupuncture, both to help as an anesthetic and to help address root causes that underlie skin conditions. You will also receive a facial massage with potent numbing cream; this is another anesthetic measure to help before microneedling.

While these take effect, your drawn blood will be taken to the centrifuge. By utilizing centrifugal force during two separate rounds of spinning the blood, the plasma with the highest concentration of platelets (known as PRP) will be isolated from your blood. These platelets contain growth factors, active proteins, and stem cells which are able to stimulate new collagen and blood vessels while repairing damaged skin.

After two rounds of spinning the blood to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the red blood cells, Dr. Phillippi must extract the PRP from each tube. You’ll notice that the fluid actually being utilized in this treatment is pale yellow and clear…true “liquid gold” from your body’s own fountain of youth.

Now that your central nervous system is relaxed from acupuncture and the skin around your face is numb, Dr. Phillippi will apply the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to your skin with a liquid dropper and rub it in.

Then the microneedling will begin, in which tiny sterile needles will repetitively innervate the skin on a shallow level. Dr. Phillippi will alternate between applying the PRP and microneedling until all sections of the facial skin are covered. This can include parts of the neck and chest (‘décolletage’ area).

What to expect?

Because this treatment utilizes your own blood, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. A small amount of redness and swelling can be expected during the healing process. This usually resolves within 24 hours, although in some cases it can take a few days but should not limit your activities of daily living.

As with other types of micro needling and facial rejuvenation, you’ll need more than one treatment to see full results. Most people need three to six sessions, with each session occurring once every four weeks.

Here at Essential Medicine, we offer Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial rejuvenation treatments in our state-of-the-art clinic for $750 per session. Please email us at for more information or click below to book online today!