Singlet Oxygen Therapy with Valkion®

Essential Medicine is proud to offer treatments with this breakthrough healthcare technology. Singlet Oxygen Therapy with Valkion® is a highly advanced, safe, non-invasive, non-toxic therapy. Singlet Oxygen Therapy is able to harness the power of photosynthesis to trigger the body’s own natural healing and balancing mechanisms.

This therapy has been shown through decades of scientific research to decrease free radicals, balance stress hormones, improve parasympathetic response, and increase sustained energy levels. Schedule an appt to experience this therapy for yourself.

About Singlet Oxygen Therapy with Valkion®:

The Valkion® singlet oxygen therapy system is able to recreate the same process that throughout billions of years has produced the oxygen we breath everyday. Singlet oxygen is formed in nature on the surface on leaves in a process called photosensitization. Plants produce singlet oxygen when the light from the sun hits their leaves and chlorophyll acts as a catalyst to transfer light into life energy producing singlet oxygen in the process.

The Valkion® singlet oxygen therapy system uses a revolutionary proprietary technology that involves an artificial light source combined with a highly effective heat-stable and light-stable photosensitizer. Atmospheric air is filtered, humidified and drawn into the Valkion® where the oxygen is activated to its excited singlet state before relaxing again. The resulting singlet oxygen energy is transported using an air pump and inhaled via a nasal cannula.

Singlet oxygen is highly reactive so that within a very brief fraction of a second, the oxygen reverts to its ground state, releasing the energy into the water vapor in the air. When this humidified, activated air enters the lungs and is absorbed by cells in the body it triggers our own natural processes of healing, cell repair, stress reduction, and detoxification. This results in the reduction of free radical and stress induced aging processes and subsequent increased vitality, health, beauty, and well-being.

In the words of renown German Physician, Dr. Klaus Erpenbach:

“Oxygen is the most important element in our life. Without food we can survive weeks, without drinking up to 5 days, but without oxygen only minutes! Oxygen is the central part in each and every cell of our body.

In our cellular power stations the oxygen is transformed into energy and so used for regeneration, repair and power – in every cell. Thus an optimisation of the oxygen utilisation by applying the Singlet Oxygen Energy technology can lead to enhanced performance in every cell.

Scientific studies proved that stress hormones are normalised under Singlet Oxygen Energy application, you become more stress resistant, sleep better, are more relaxed in the mornings, and can start the day actively: well-tempered and with more power. Simultaneously the stress resistance affects the heart: by an increased heart variability and therefore improved performance.

Another clinical trial showed that the use of SOE technology resulted in a normalisation of the blood pressure after 4 weeks. Also based on scientific evidence, the lung function and the physical fitness of patients with COPD or bronchial asthma could be clearly improved after 4 weeks; the patients even experienced better sleep patterns and lower blood pressure.”

-Dr. Klaus Erpenbach

Valkion® Singlet Oxygen is an FDA registered therapy that was pioneered in Sweden in 1988. It is an established medical therapy that is used in state of art European health clinics. It has been successfully used to improve treatment outcomes and the lives of thousands of patients for the past 30 years.