3 Reasons Why Massage is Essential For Your Health

by Lana Bolender, CMT

Do you “treat” yourself to a dentist visit or to the gynecologist? No, of course not. Do you “treat” yourself to a massage? While receiving massage is certainly a very pleasurable experience, it is much more than that. I would like to take a moment to challenge your perception that getting a massage is like eating a piece of chocolate cake because massage therapy is so much more than a tasty delight. Receiving massage is wholesome nutrition for the body and an essential component of one’s wellness plan.

3 Reasons Why Massage is More than Just a Luxury Experience:

1) Massage is proven to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and improve sleep

It is proven that massage therapy lowers cortisol levels while increasing serotonin and dopamine in the body. Cortisol is that good ole’ hormone that can we can call the “depletion monster”. When the body is overworked, over hungry, and under slept the monster will strike, often at your weakest point.

Massage therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the sympathetic nervous system to relax. The balance between these two responses will dictate how well our bodies recover. Regular activation of the parasympathetic nervous system gives our body the opportunity to rest, digest, heal, and repair. As a result our happy hormones will kick the depletion monsters booty thus relieving stress and anxiety, making you feel better and sleep better.

2) Massage can move the lymph and enhance natural immunity

Massage increases whole body microcirculation and improves the circulation and detoxification of the lymph. The lymphatic system relies on exercise, and massage to properly detoxify. If you experience achey joints, skin issues, fatigue, or immune challenges you may be dealing with sluggish lymphatic drainage.

Regular massage promotes movement of the lymph and helps to purge the lymphatic system of waste that bogs down its ability to help you fight off those pesky colds and flus. Benefiting the lymph is one of the many reasons that receiving regular massage can strengthen the body’s immunity.

3) Massage helps to align the body’s structure

Daily habits such as leaning more on one hip while standing, or holding your head at that strange angle while texting all compounds on our body over time. The connective tissue and muscles can be thought of as a pulley system and our bones the as the bridge between the pulleys. When one pulley is out of balance, the whole structure is pulled out of alignment leading to dysfunction and pain.

Tension and misalignment can manifest in so many different forms. It could show up as the nagging discomfort from a daily headache, an achy back that bothers you after a long day at the office, or for some people, disabling, severe chronic pain that they suffer with for decades. Massage therapy is an essential part of aligning the bodies structure by reprograming the muscles and connective tissue, putting less stress on the joints and allowing you to move better and feel better.

Your Quality of Life will Improve Getting Regular Massages

Freedom of mind, body and spirit arrives when the body is nurtured and healthy. Receiving regular massage therapy is essential to experience a balanced and healthy life. When you are less stressed, sleeping better, detoxifying better, getting sick less often, and your body’s structure is more aligned you are going to be happier, in less pain and getting more enjoyment out of life.

At Essential Medicine, we believe that massage therapy is essential to one’s health and wellbeing and we encourage our patients to receive regular weekly massage treatments. We are happy offer many modalities of integrative massage modalities performed by experienced, gifted therapists. A full list of our offerings and packages can be found here.

About the Author:

Lana Bolender, CMT has been a practicing massage therapist since 2014 with over 800 hours of education. She combines a breadth of knowledge and experience to develop the most effective massage tailored to each individual. Lana offers traditional Swedish massage, Lomi lomi, deep tissue, sports massage, pre-nantal, and movement therapy.

Lana has also studied yoga, meditation and various movement practices to deepen her focus and connect her mind, body and spirit. Lana currently teaches multiple aerial yoga classes in San Diego. She is naturally very nurturing and understanding and it comes through in her work. Lana hopes to provide a safe space for others to heal through compassion, awareness and serenity.